Terms And Rules In Playing Cockfighting

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Terms And Rules In Playing Cockfighting – Maybe you have read similar or similar articles, but this article is different because we have taken it from trusted sources, along with terms and rules for playing cockfighting.

Every cockfighting bet, whether offline or online, of course, has rules and terms in each game and all of them must be known by fans, for example in cockfighting gambling. Cockfighting itself has several rules and terms, so for those of you who think this one game is very easy to play, you still have to know the rules so that in playing you understand the course of the game.

Here Are Some Rules And Terms That Exist In Playing Cockfighting Gambling

Because in playing online, of course, it will be different from land bets from where you have to understand more, not only understanding the terms and rules of playing on a trusted cockfighting site, it gives a myriad of benefits that you will get if you win in the game. However, here we will not provide information about advantages, but for other things, see the explanation below and you must understand it so that it becomes easier to play.

For cockfighting bets at this time also use odds in the calculation, this is to determine how much value you will get later, for that matter as follows:

  1. +1.00 if you place a deposit bet of 100,000 and win this game you will automatically get the result of this cockfighting game of 200,000 rupiah including the capital you invested earlier, if you lose playing you won’t get a penny.
  2. +0.90 in the rules of this game if you place a bet of Rp. 100,000 and you win, you will get a profit of only 190,000 rupiah including capital, this is beneficial because if you lose at least there is still a balance of only 10,000 rupiah.
  3. -0.90 from this bet if you all place a bet of 100,000 and you win a cockfighting match, you will get a profit of only 100 thousand and if luck does not accompany you, you will get a capital back of 90 thousand rupiah.
  4. 1: 6 The last rule in cockfighting is the highest winning payout, later if you place a bet of 100 thousand rupiah and win the bet you will get multiple profits, which is 6 times the result of the deposit bet that was placed earlier.

Terms In Cockfighting Gambling

Now for the terms that are in online cockfighting bets are as follows:

Live Screen

Its function has a display that presents the way the cockfighting bets are taking place later. Not only that, you will see a menu by adjusting the screen size so that it can be used normally or full screen.

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Betting Panel

Betiing this panel, players can place bets with the types of odds in this online gambling game, besides that you will see the profile of the cockfighting gambling which will be united with the photo of the cockfighting


In the game of cockfighting, it is the same as baccarat because it has a hostory in the game, players can see all the journey of the match and can see the history of the bets that you will do later.

So, that’s an explanation of the rules and terms in the cockfighting game. Hopefully this explanation can provide a better understanding.

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