Hidden Tips for Playing Effective Cockfighting

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Hidden Tips for Playing Effective Cockfighting – When you are going to play cockfighting, of course you will face various obstacles that are sometimes very difficult to play, in the following article we will explain how to play cockfighting so that you can win it calmly. If a Bangkok cock has good stamina and punching power as well as quality fighting techniques, usually the chicken will easily beat the opponent. Usually, chicken hobbyists who field their Bangkok cocks in the cockfighting arena will definitely aim for a win for their cocks.

based on observations in the arena of action and various kinds of information Prediksi Togel we have collected that there are several ways and tricks so that I always win when in a fight.

Characteristics of FF Chicken (Front Fight)

  • The neck is large, rough and tight (looks short).
  •  The toes (between the knee and the toes) are short.
  • Medium body length, slightly wide, body looks upright.
  • Wings are medium (not too long) and tight.
  • Beak thick and short.

Hidden Tips for Playing Effective Cockfighting

In terms of fighting chickens that have this feature are very superior in terms of speed and power of the blow. This type of chicken always responds to the opponent’s blow hard and fast in a row if it is hit by an opponent’s blow. This chicken always wins in speed and cleverly looks for openings to hit Buku Mimpi 2D even in tight and pressed positions. This type of chicken has extraordinary speed, before the opponent locks it, he will hit first. The main characteristic of this chicken is the fighting technique that always hits its opponent in a row more than three times from the front, and often even precedes the hit if the opponent hits from the front.

Characteristics of RL Chicken (Right Left)

  •  The neck and trunk are rather long, rough and tight.
  •  The toes (between the knee and the toes) are short.
  •  Long wings according to body size.
  •  The body is erect and long.

In this chicken fight, it is very superior in terms of locking the opponent’s movement from the right and left side, after the opponent is locked, this chicken will viciously hit his opponent. After hitting, the opponent will continue to be squeezed by pushing and sneaking under the opponent’s body then with a quick movement out from under the opponent’s feet, so that the opponent loses balance, at that time he will hit again from right to left with ferocity.

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The Great Secret To Always Win Your Bangkok Chicken!!!

  • Prepare your chicken in optimal conditions. In a sense, the chicken to be competed must be in a prime / fit condition. Why is that? Because chickens that are in a fit condition will usually be able to compete well and can attack their enemies with more power. To maintain the condition of your chickens before the match to keep them fit, you can do several ways: bathe your chickens in the morning, usually can be bathed at 7-8 am when the morning sun is out. This will make your chicken body fresher so that when the chicken goes down to compete it will show all its abilities because the body it has is fresh and will feel very light for the chicken.
  • Next is the method of feeding your chickens. If you usually feed your chickens by placing food in the feeder’s cage, this time feed your chickens in a slightly hidden place and a little far outside the cage. You can place your chickens in the coop first, then you put your chicken food in a place that is slightly hidden from your chicken’s view so that the chickens will try to find food. This will make your chicken more observant in seeing Bocoran hk things. Later if he is deployed in a match, he will be more observant to see the gaps in his opponent so that he can hit his opponent more accurately on his opponent’s vital part. For chickens that are often trained in this way, they usually have stronger vision and instincts when compared to chickens that are usually provided with food in their cages. Therefore you can do this technique for a few days before your cock descends on the cockfighting arena that will be followed.
  • Give your chicken feed with a composition that is not excessive. You can feed your chickens 3 times a day at different times. You can feed your fighting chickens in the morning, afternoon and evening before the chickens enter the coop to rest. This will be useful for the development of your chicken body so that it can have an ideal body shape. Chickens that are well cared for will usually feel proud of themselves for the chicken. And usually chickens that feel pampered will be more mentally brave and aggressive with their opponents.
  • Use some dopping food for your chickens before they are put in place. Usually, chicken hobbyists give their chickens meat such as mutton, eel and other types about 2-3 days before the chicken descends on a cockfighting arena. Chickens that are given some meat will usually consider their opponents when fighting as food by them so that the chickens will peck and bite their opponents like meat that will be eaten by fighting Bangkok chickens.
  • For chickens that will be lowered to compete, you can give the chickens rice that has been mixed with ginger water soak. Use it to keep the chicken body warm. If the temperature in the chicken’s body remains warm, the chicken will feel lighter so that the chicken can hit the opponent better and hit the opponent’s weak point.
  • For those of you who want to lose your chicken in a match, you must pay attention to the opponent first. Do not let you choose the wrong opponent for your chicken and can harm you. You can choose a rooster who is the same age or a younger rooster so that they can compete equally well. Never choose to mate or fight a chicken with an older age compared to your chicken because usually a younger chicken will lose guts with an older chicken. To further ensure Prediksi hk the victory of your chickens, keep training your Bangkok chickens every day so that the chickens have better stamina and fighting techniques when compared to their rivals.
  • But to make your Bangkok Chicken Always Win in general, Bangkok Chicken owners will always train their chickens well and make them a good fighter Bangkok chicken and can win every fight. Therefore, there are also some cockfighting hobbyists who are willing to spend more to buy some vitamins to maintain and increase the stamina of their chickens. The use of vitamins and drugs is indeed very useful for fighting cocks but with the composition and administration in accordance with the recommended dosage.

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